ID check for Application for Tenant

  • Proof of Identification Required

    We require 100 points worth of identification from each applicant
  • You are only allowed to use one of the following:
    You may use several of the following to reach 100 points: *If you wish to use more than one document from this group, the first acceptable document scores 40 points, but subsequent documents only score 25 points each

    •  Your application will be processed with the information provided and submitted to the owner for their acceptance or non-acceptance for tenancy. This is an owner decision.

    • Should your applicant be accepted, you will be asked to pay the bond and first 2 weeks rent and sign the lease as soon as possible. You will need to bring cash into the office, pay eftpos or direct credit.

    • It is a tenant’s responsibility to arrange the connection of electricity, telephone and gas supply to the property, once the application is approved.

    •  If successful, all parties will need to be present for the lease sign up.

    •  Lease sign ups can be arranged for Monday to Friday between 9am and 1pm.
  • Application to enter into residential tenancy agreement

    Only complete this APPLICATION if You are sure that You want to enter into a Residential Tenancy Agreement with the Lessor of the Premises
  • The form"APPLICATION TO ENTER INTO RESIDENTIAL TENANCY AGREEMENT" is not the Residential Tenancy Agreement.

    The purpose of this form is:

    First, to inform the Lessor of Your details, and Your requirements for the Residential Tenancy Agreement; for example, if You wish to have pets at the Premises.

    Second, to inform You of the Lessor's or Property Manager's usual use of one or more residential tenancy databases.

    Third, to inform You of the money that is required to be paid prior to taking possession of the Premises; for example, the value of the Security Bond (which may be up to 4 weeks rent), the Pet Bond (which can be up to $260) and the initial Rent payment (which can be 2 weeks rent in advance).

    Fourth, to make You aware of the terms of the Residential Tenancy Agreement (including special conditions) associated with the Lease if Your Application is accepted.


    Summary of what will happen if You apply to enter in to a Residential Tenancy Agreement with the Lessor

    Your action if You wish to apply for the Residential Tenancy Agreement:

    1. 1. Complete this Application.
    2. Submit this Application to the Property Manager together with any Option Fee that may be requested by the Property Manager.

    Lessor' sanction if You do not succeed with Your Application:

    1. 3. If You are not the successful applicant and have paid an Option Fee, the Option Fee will be refunded to You within 7 days of the decision.


    Lessor' saction if You succeed with Your Application:


    1. 4. If You are the successful applicant, the Lessor will provide You with a proposed Residential Tenancy Agreement for the Premises which will grant You the option of entering into a Residential Tenancy Agreement.


    What You will then need to do if You are the successful Applicant:


    1. 5. If You sign the Residential Tenancy Agreement, comply with all the stipulated requirements for the creation of the Residential Tenancy Agreement set out in Part C of the document, and the Lessor (or the Property Manager) sign the document, a binding Residential Teanancy Agreement will exist between You and the Lessor. In the case of where an Option Fee has been paid there will be

    no need for the Lessor (or Property Manager to sign the document for a binding Residential Tenancy Agreement to exist.


    1. 6. If any of the events mentioned in clause 5 of this Summary above do not occur the ramifications of that are set out below in clause 18 of Part B of this Application.
  • Proposed Tenant Names

  • TO:                  The Property Manager:






    9026 6509


    9026 6834