Selling Tips

Presenting for the market


De-clutter:          In other words pack up all items not needed in the home, so property is shown to its best advantage, including the shed.

Windows:            They need to sparkle, if needed get a professional cleaner in.

Curtains:              Please replace any window treatments not staying with the property to avoid any misunderstanding at the time of sale.

Front view:         Ensure gardens and lawns are neat and tidy, as buyers 1st impression will dictate their idea of what price they will pay.

Paint:                    Speak to your agent in regards to this, as sometimes the money spent elsewhere will give you a greater return.

Fences:                Replace any parts that are tatty or give them a face lift with paint.

                                                                Sale Process:

Private Treaty, {Exclusive listing for a set time with a price}.

Auction, {No price is declared, rather the buyers indicate what they might pay}.

Tender, {Has a closing date, and highest tender wins if it meets sellers wishes}.